Revolutionizing the Management of Child Care and the CACFP

  If you are FRUSTRATED - OVERWORKED - OVERWHELMED  with managing your Day Care Center and CACFP Program...

  ...Give us 10 minutes of your time and you will be amazed at how we can simplify your job!

  Advance Child Care has the experence and tools to simplify your job and make you more efficient. 

     * Over 29 years operating multiple day care centers

      * Over 26 years sponsoring day care providers on the CACFP

     * The only CACFP Management software seeking USDA "compliance validation"  as a Paperless System



Advance Child Care can automate many of the manual tasks it currently takes you hours to perform manually.  However, we realize that you may not have the skills (or the time) to understand and use a complex management program.

Childcare Systems was developed with that idea in mind.  We developed this online system to be "director friendly".  Many of the management tasks are automated so the the director doesn't have to remember when and how to peform a task.  Our system virtually eliminates the need to maintain paper reports or make manual entries and calculations.

We also provide you with tools, such as low cost PC Tablets and Scanners that allow you to automate certain tasks in the office,  in the classroom and in the kitchen.